The T-shirt Factory 1917 By...Jeanetta Depace

The T-shirt factory was built in 1917 and purchased in 2005 by Mike Piazza, it first started with 20 artist, writers and videographers. It was originally supposed to be only for photographers and sculptors but more people got interested and wanted to do more art.

One of the artist Alan Stamper liked how he didn't have to explain why he was in the building because everyone there loved art and was an artist. Another artist Heather Gleason opted for more space because she ran out of space in her home studio.

Both artist praised the owner Mike because he was always engaged in helping others with their art, they all believed art is a community and that the t-shirt factory was a community of artist.

I got to actually go to the t- shirt factory the other day, I didn't get to see much, but you can tell by the outside of the building there was many more floors to explore.

The t -shirt factory is very interesting on the inside, it doesn't  look like a very artsy place, I would've imagined paint everywhere! and art pieces everywhere, but I guess you cant judge the factory by its cover but only by the creative people in it.