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Lara Giordano


Lara became advisor of the Pop Up Gallery Group in 2015, when the Kingston High School Art Department was asked, by the Mayor, to develop an after school program to engage youth in midtown Kingston, through the Arts.  Lara has worked as and arts educator at Kingston High School for over 25 years and has made it part of her mission to foster opportunities that provide a path for community engagement through the arts.


Kerry Madison


Kerry has been a member of PUGG since 2015, when it was first introduced to a handful of students by Lara Giordano. Since then, she has worked with PUGG in numerous places along Broadway to fill empty storefronts with art and provide a sense of community through the arts in Kingston. As someone planning to pursue art as a career after high school, Kerry has been involved with the group to learn skills that will help her in the future.


Erin Dougherty

community Liason

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